8 Reasons to Learn a Foreign Language

8 Reasons to Learn a Foreign Language 

I remember, when I was younger, I used to say that learning foreign languages was a waste of time. However, with the benefit of hindsight, I understand how wrong I was.

To learn foreign languages is an asset that will reinforce (or develop) your self-confidence, but it will also open your mind and help you enrich yourself. Here are 8 reasons to learn now languages.

  1. It improves your employability :today many businesses work in an international context, buying or selling their products abroad. There are also many foreigners and their communities in all countries in the world. To be able talk with these potential clients is therefore a very important asset in this context. In today’s globalised world, to be fluent in another language opens the door in terms of job opportunities
  2. It is an undeniable asset :  People who are bilingual or multilingual are generally more efficient when performing tasks. They are able to directly focus on the essential and what is most relevant, because they are used to do so, instead of analysing all the information. This is can be a big help when you interact with a person from a foreign country.
  3. It’s good for your brain: researchers have proven that multilingual people have cognitive and neurological advantages. In fact, when you listen to a language which is not your native one, your brain is more simulated than when you listen to your mother tongue. To speak a foreign language often also helps to roll-back dementia.
  4. It helps to overcome your fear of appearing ridiculous : when you go abroad to practice your language, native people, far from laughing at you, are generally impressed by your attempts to be better in their mother tongue!
  5. It opens your mind: To learn languages is always a source of surprises. You always learn something new, discover another thing, use your imagination to remember what you’ve learnt. By speaking a foreign language you will also get to know new people more easily, and thus you will have less prejudice toward people who are different.
  6. It will help you to master your mother tongue:Today there is an important interaction between countries, and each language is influenced by others. English speakers use a lot of French words (and vice-versa), many German words are close to English ones, etc. By learning foreign languages you will boost also your vocabulary in your mother tongue.
  7. A language is a vision of life:learning languages helps to understand differences between cultures and the specificity of each one. For example, the French through their language highlight their need for formality at work, with “you” that can be translated in a formal and informal way, whereas English speakers do not look for that and use the same word.
  8. It will help you to have a super travel experience:Travel is not only going to the most beautiful places of an area and taking pictures of them! It is also about discovering a new culture and,a way of life! How can someone really enjoy Ireland without enjoying a pint of Guinness with Irish people, while complaining heartily about the weather?

So stop procrastinating and get learning!

Written by Florient Georges


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