Pros and Cons of learning a language online.

Nowadays technology changes every aspect of our life, including the field of learning. The many online tools that are now available have created a new way of learning languages, not everybody thinks that it is the proper way to learn a language though. Here are some pros and cons of learning a language online!


  • Flexibility:

The great thing about learning online is that each one of us can choose when, where and for how long to practise. It could be five minutes during the lunch break or two hours from home. It is completely free, it is perfect for those who do not have time for a course but still want to learn something new.

  • Possibility to speak with native speakers:

In the past, it was hard for language students to meet native speakers unless they moved, especially for uncommon languages. Nowadays everyone can create a linguistic tandem, you will be able to practise any language you are learning with a native speaker just staying at home!

  • Improves responsibility:

Unlike in an academic course when it comes to online learning it is unlikely that the student needs to fulfil specific tasks in a short amount of time, which means that it is up to the student when to study and how much, this will definitely help to improve the sense of responsibility toward the subject.

  • Free access:

Learning a language is expensive and therefore not for everybody, but thanks to the online tools many people can learn a new language for free.


  • Low motivation

Of course the possibility to study whenever we want can also have a side effect, if the student is not motivated enough he will probably end up not studying every day, which is one of the main goals when studying a language.

  • Possibility to speak with a native speaker

This is not only a pro, but can be a con. When studying with a native speaker in an university environment we are sure about his preparation and knowledge of the language, while when we speak with any random native speaker we might acquire a bad pronunciation or bad grammar on some things without even knowing. Just because they are native speakers does not mean that their language proficiency is perfect.

  • Lack of a personalized path of study

When studying with a teacher it is possible to stop and improve some topics that are harder for the student, and maybe skip topics that are easily acquired, while studying on the internet does not allow the student to change the path that is already established by the app or the website that he is using.

by Roberta Mingo


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