10 tips to ace your job interview

In today’s article, we will provide you with specific tips on how to be successful at your job interview. The job interview is always an important part of your job application procedure and it can be a crucial factor which decides whether you will get your dream job or not. Your task is to be as prepared as possible when going for a job interview and our tips will help you to be prepared as much as possible.

1. Be on time! – If you are late for your job interview, you do not deserve the job you are applying for. However, try not to come too early as well. The perfect timing is crucial. You should arrive as much in advance as you wish, however, you should step in the place where the interview takes place approximately 10-15 minutes before the start time. If you step in there half an hour or even one hour earlier, the interviewer will feel uncomfortable as he can be working on some other tasks and to make him feel disturbed and in a hurry is the last thing you aim for.

2. Preparation is the key – Always bring several copies of your CV, notepad, pen and job descriptions printed on paper. It is good to have these things put in some nice portfolio. Also, try to wake up early in order not to be in a rush and have a good solid sleep to feel fresh when going for the interview.


3. Dress for success – The key is to be properly dressed. It means that you should always dress one position up than you are applying for. Try to look professional. People judge you based on the first impression you make in approximately seven seconds. After that, it is hard to change their opinion about you, therefore, keep your dress nice, tidy and clean. The basic hygiene should be a matter of course as well.


4. Eye contact – Always maintain an eye-contact with an interviewer. If you look everywhere else, but not into the eyes of the person that perform the interview with you, it will give the person signal that you are not a trustful person.

5. Sell yourself – First of all, when looking for a job, you are a product, and so try to sell yourself. That is not the time for modesty. It does not mean that you should be bragging, however, you should let the potential employer know what you have achieved so far and why you are the perfect fit for the position offered.


6. Speak clearly and concisely – The interviewee should speak clearly and concisely in an appropriate speed of speech. Try not to over talk when answering questions.

7. Be calm and confident – Everybody is nervous when going for a job interview, however, there are a few things that can help you become calmer. Practice in front of the mirror is one of them. Another one is using affirmations. Talk to yourself permanently “I will make it” and you will feel more confident when interviewed.


8. Make a match – You should match job descriptions with your work experience and provide specific examples. Job descriptions basically say everything you need to have in order to be a suitable candidate. Your job is to find out which parts of the job descriptions are you good at and tell them during the interview.

9. Prepare your questions – At the end of the interview, you are always asked by an interviewer if you have any questions for him. Try to have prepared 3-5 questions relating to the things such as future of the company, what the perfect candidate for this position should look like and why the interviewer likes to work for this company. Asking similar questions will help you to find out more about whether the company is the right place for you to work at or not.

110. Nice smile and a firm handshake – Smile! That is so important to smile, however, not so many people are doing it. The smile will make you look like a nice and positive person and the firm handshake will show that you are confident. The two things we like the most about the others are confidence and positivity. You should never underestimate the power of these two.


By Jaroslav Lubocky



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