Convert your degree in Ireland

It’s your new life as an undergraduate student. You love going to your university, hanging out with friends, meeting new people every day, partying hard, and generally living a student’s life. Two years later, you wake up one morning and drink your hot cup of coffee before starting your day. You start questioning your life choices and one of them is “Did I make the right choice in following this career path?”. It might be a career in business, or in literature, or science, it doesn’t matter which, because most students across the world have asked themselves this specific question. Some even earlier than the second year. The worst thing though, is when you acknowledge that this path you’re on is not for you, and you have to change direction and head back to the crossroads where you started, even though you invested two or more years of your life in this path. I say to you not to worry, because you can convert your degree and change career paths without having to start all over again.

What is a conversion course?

Conversion courses are full-time or part-time courses held by universities with different varieties of course durations, from a few months up to a few years, depending on the field of studies. Their subject areas most commonly are Business (usually HR, management and marketing), IT, finance and accounting, arts and humanities. But you may as well find other courses, like medicine, law, teaching and many others.


What will a conversion course do for you? It will either amplify your degree, by extending your qualifications or your knowledge on matters that your current studies can’t teach you, but which employers may ask for. Or it will change your directional course in your career from one field to another, if you choose to.

The usual requirement for such courses is to have a bachelor’s degree in any field of studies. Some may require something more specific than just a degree, which is why you should check all available courses from different universities that you are interested in. Course fees may vary a lot from university to university, so make sure to check them out and decide based on your budget too.

Attend a conversion course in Ireland

In Ireland, you can attend conversion courses in the University College of Cork, Trinity College Dublin, University of Limerick, Dublin Institute of Technology, National University of Ireland, University College Dublin, just to name a few in the biggest cities.


Tuition fees are somewhat medium to high costs related to other great universities in the mainland EU, depending on the conversion course chosen, and they also offer courses on Gaelic literature and cultures and Celtic Civilisation along with the common international courses and cultural-specific courses (such as Asian studies or business).

Plus, you can never go wrong in choosing Ireland for your studies. Ireland’s universities are among the top educational and researching institutes in the EU and even the whole world. The cost of living for a student here is great, since it’s on a medium level and a lot of new student accommodations are being built across the country as this article is being written, which will provide more rooms for let for better prices. You will also most certainly fall in love with the nightlife in the Irish pubs and every day chill-outs in the city.


If you have got any more questions, feel free to contact us at or visit our office on 7 South Mall, Cork. We can also provide some legal advice for non-EEA students on how to receive an Irish student visa.




By Markos Doumpas







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