Welcome to our Lessons section!

Here you have the chance to follow some lessons of foreign languages that our fabulous translators have been posting on social media for the large audience.

Since we realized how much followed our lessons were, we have decided to create this new section in order to gather them here at your disposal, so that you can go back to them whenever you want at your convenience.



At Modern Polyglots Ltd we really understand how hard and sometimes daunting may be to learn foreign languages and that is the reason why we offer you some easy lessons and tips. Our motto is

look at the glass as half-full and never give up

Moreover, there are too many reasons for which you should think to learn and improve your foreign language acquaintances. For instance, knowing some foreign languages shows the value added you can give to an employer as an employee.

In a few words, language learning confers you more:

  • marketability. If you showcase your language skills you immediately position your candidature in the upper level thanks to how much sought-after are nowadays polyglot employees.
  • relationship building skills. It goes without saying that if you speak foreign languages, you can relate to foreign people in their own native language and this make them feel more confident and comfortable. It helps create an atmosphere of familiarity even when staying far away from one’s own country. In addition, speaking foreign languages broaden the range of connections you may have getting you to know different cultures and enrich your knowledge and experience.
  • distinguishability. When it comes to competing with a number of candidates for the same vacant position, what will make you stand out besides the other skills required is your ability to speak one or more foreign languages and to become a global-oriented employee .
  • creativity. It may appear a little bit odd but whoever has studied at least a second language shows on average a level of creativity superior to whom has not.
  • multitasking ability. Jumping from one language to another enhances your ability to do multitasking.


These are only some reasons why you should start learning foreign languages but if they are not enough, open up on your browser one of our lessons…You will have fun, We promise!