#polish is a very important language especially with regards to diplomatic and academic terms in Central and Eastern Europe and it is also the language of a very rich literature developed over the centuries. As a matter of fact, Polish literature includes among the others poet of the caliber of Jan Kochanowski (1530-84) and Adam Mickiewicz (1798-1855), but also the very famous writer of Polish origin Joseph Conrad or Konrad Korzeniowski (1857-1924), who used to write in English and started out as a sailor.
In addition to being the official language of Poland, #polish is one of the official language of the European Union. Nowadays, #polish is spoken by 38.5 million as first language in Poland but it is also spoken in Belarus, Ukraine, west and central Lithuania, in the northern parts of the Czech Republic as well as in Slovakia.


Poland Map


Since Polish population has experienced a growth in diaspora over this century, especially in the aftermath of the World War II, today we can count up to 55 million polish speakers scattered around the world from United States, Australia, Brazil, Israel, Canada, Germany, UK to Ireland.


Poland flags


#polish is a West Slavic Language that is strictly related to Kashubian, Lower Sorbian, Upper Sorbian, Czech and Slovak. Literary #polish lays upon the dialects of Gniezno, Cracow and Warsaw, though there is still a dispute about it. #polish has as its native name – polski, the Polish language is called język polski or more formally polszczyzna (Polish).


There are many reasons why #polish is considered a language to be learnt:

  • it is an important language at academic and diplomatic level in Central and Eastern Europe
  • it has an interesting sound
  • it is strictly related to several other languages of Eastern Europe as aforementioned, this will make it easier for you to understand and to be understood in that area
  • Poland is a very nice place for having a holiday or even living, polish people will love your efforts to speak #polish and you will stand out among the crowd…very rewarding!


Polish square


Ok! 🙂
Now, it’s time to start our journey in the #polish land with our #polishlessons.
Do not worry…it will be easy, it will be fun and you will enjoy it!


Let’s get the ball rolling with #polishlesson1