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Polish heart

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Keeping going on with the basics….

The #polishlesson2 is about the names of the days of the week. Perhaps, we are keeping it too simple but this fascinating language requires a slow pace of study but also a constant and gradual one.

But you will succeed…Just let us guide you through this journey into the #polish land…



The days of the week

Dni tygodnia

[dɲɪ ɨˈɡɔdɲa]



Days in Polish phonetic transcription English translation
Poniedziałek [pɔɲɛˈd͡ʑawɛk] Monday
Wtorek [ˈftɔrɛk] Tuesday
Środa [ˈɕrɔd̪a] Wednesday
Czwartek [ˈt͡ʂfartɛk] Thursday
Piątek [ˈpʲjɔ̃n̪t̪ɛk] Friday
Sobota [s̪ɔˈbɔt̪a] Saturday
Niedziela [ɲɛˈd͡ʑɛla] Sunday


If you keep struggling with the #polish phonetic, help yourself with one of the numerous translator online (such as Google Translate, Reverso and so on) to hear the sounds of the words


Download the polishlesson2.pdf





• The majority of Polish declare to be catholic (more than 90%), while only about 40% of them regularly attend mass.


• However, Sunday is considered a kind of holiday, when you should not to work.


• For now Polish supermarkets are opened 7 days a week but it can change with a new reform in project.



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Now, make sure you don’t have all of your efforts trashed and keep up with the good work on #polishlesson3.