Welcome to lesson3 of #polish language.

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Let’s kick the #polishlesson3 off 😉


Keeping going on with the basics….

The #polishlesson3 is about the names of the seasons and months of the year.

We are still keeping it on an elementary level but we like to go forward at a very slow pace, so that you will be able to memorize the new #polish vocabulary and keep it in mind.
Do not forget! You will succeed…Just let us guide you through this journey into the #polish land…


The names of the seasons and months of the year

Pory roku
[pɔ.rɨ rɔku]



Seasons and months
phonetic transcription
English translation
Wiosna [v s.na ˈ ʲɔ] Spring
Marzec [ˈmaʐɛts] March
Kwiecień [ˈkfjɛt͡ɕɛɲ] April
Maj [maj] May
Lato [ ‘latɔ ] Summer
Czerwiec [ˈʧ̑ ɛrvjjɛʦ̑] June
Lipiec [ljipjɛts] July
Sierpień [ˈɕɛrpjɛɲ] August
Jesień [ˈjɛɕɛɲ] Autumn
Wrzesień [vʐɛɕɛɲ] September
Październik [paʑˈdʑɛrɲik] October
Listopad [lisˈtɔpad] November
[‘zima] Winter
Grudzień [ˈɡrudʑɛɲ] December
Styczeń [ˈstɨt͡ʂɛɲ] January
Luty [lutɨ] February



If you keep struggling with the #polish phonetic, help yourself with one of the numerous translator online (such as Google Translate, Reverso and so on) to hear the sounds of the words.

We also suggest you take a look at this video about #polish pronunciation of seasons and months.


Download the #polishlesson3.pdf


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