Globish – better global understanding

Globish is the name for a subset of the English language that non-native English speakers adopt in the context of international business. It is a sort of “light English” that uses a subset of standard English grammar and a list of 1500 English words. The name Globish is the merger of the world “global” and “English”. The inventor… Read More Globish – better global understanding

The critical period hypothesis in language acquisition

When learning about the process of language acquisition, two approaches are normally distinguished: The behavioural approach and the nativist approach. In this article we are going to explain the different approaches paying special attention to  the Critical Period Hypothesis. – The Behaviouristic Approach maintains that children acquire the language through environmental components: learner imitation, practice,… Read More The critical period hypothesis in language acquisition

Why music in English is so popular?

There are many reasons why English is the overwhelming language in present day music, yet I would state that the fundamental reasons are historical and linguistic. HISTORICAL REASONS The British colonisation began in the 17th century when many people from England, Scotland and Ireland migrated into to the so called “New World”: U.S.A., Canada, Australia… Read More Why music in English is so popular?